Patients Reviews

"I ‘d like to enjoy going to the doctor as I always enjoy coming to Dermahealth. Because here we have the best service, respect for the patient and a considerable dose of beauty and health. I always leave Derma Health feeling more beautiful, brighter, healthier and smiling. Thank you!!! "
Diana Bogea

"This is the place where I come very fondly to find understanding and I only get good advice. Dr. Skeja’s services are the best. Due to his skill and procedures performed, I have more confidence in myself, I feel and look better and all my physical defects have been corrected. I feel beautiful! Thank you so much for this feeling! "
Dana Constantin

"With all my heart I wish you great success and satisfied patients, at least like me. I can say I am more than satisfied both with the service and the treatments, as well as the quality people here. Dr. Skeja is a great man and a very good and professional doctor. "
Aida Badea

"It feels so good to be spoiled! In Dr. Ari Skeja’s clinic I’ve discovered that some beauty-related wishes come true (magic works, I assure you!).
With much love and respect, "
Dana Uclea

"All your skepticism crumbles at the first meeting with Dr. Ari Skeja. You are welcome with professionalism and warmth. Whoever comes here, will have the same feeling."

"When a special friend turns out to be a great doctor too, you leave aside all fears and step out with confidence beside him. And when skill and passion take a toll, you can reach a wonderful sense of joy. We are living a special experience with Ari. He is skilled, ambitious and destined to success in everything he does. "
Lelia si Baki Idrizi

"When I first came here I was anxious as I didn’t know what will happen. But behind this door I found a very warm and open person. A doctor that you rarely find today. I felt dejected by the way I looked, but slowly, with this doctor’s help, I became more and more confident. After each session, my skin looks increasingly better and I’m more than happy with the way I look now. I strongly recommend him as nobody will go out disappointed from this clinic. "

" Dr.Skeja is a warm and calm person and helps you overcome all your fears. All these qualities are combined with his professional competence and the quality of services. Quality is not at all compromised and all the procedures are correctly performed and customized. After 3 sessions of microdermabrasion my skin looks brighter and the wrinkles are visibly reduced. I gladly recommend this clinic and I am sure I’ll revisit . It’s a pity that not all doctors are like Dr. Skeja. "
Marinela B.

"Aside from the warmth and professionalism that welcome you even before stepping into this clinic, you can find here everything you need: understanding for the problems you have, but also an excellent treatment. I strongly recommend Dermahealth! I wish you have a lot of success because you deserve it. "

"An unforgettable experience, and of course to be repeated. Great hands and exceptional equipment, keep up the good work. All the health and good luck with your work!"
F. Mihu

"I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of service, professionalism and the great quality of staff. Definitely an experience to be repeated, all the more because they deliver results."
Madalina Idita

"When warmth, passion and professionalism get along together, the results can only be excellent! The professionalism of Dr. Ari Skeja is accomplished with everything I mentioned above, so when I step into the clinic I feel safe, and everytime I leave I’m a selfconfident woman with a flawless skin. "
Laura M.

"When I arrived for the first time in a medical aesthetics clinic, I had no idea how I would look after that. The only information I had was from the internet. I was very impressed with everything happening here and the way I’ve been treated. I felt like everything was for me only and the microdermabrasion procedure made my face so moisturized and soft without any irritation. I’ve recommended to all my friends to come visit your clinic."
Raluca H.